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 40th Artillery Brigade conducted large-scale heavy guns exercise. PHOTOS

The 40th Separate Artillery Brigade has successfully conducted a large-scale shooting exercise in M sector involving heavy artillery guns "Giatsint."

Censor.NET reports, citing Victory Sisters foundation.

учения 40 бригады

"In the Mariupol direction, gunners are practicing their skills. "Not a day without special training" - the motto followed by soldiers of the 40th Separate Artillery Brigade.
Their guns' shooting range is 27 km.

Every day of truce is spent in training and maintenance of their powerful guns. It is worth noting that all of them are withdrawn deep into our territory in accordance with the Minsk agreements. However, the gunners do not stop to improve their combat skills at the new positions.

Theoretical classes are combined with practical shooting and tactical training. Due to such saturated days, gunners have learned to hold their positions and deploy sophisticated artillery systems in record time. Marksmanship is worth mentioning. Almost all, even complex targets, are hit at first shot," Victory Sisters foundation volunteers write, being about to launch a project on automation of the 40th brigade.

учения 40 бригады

The activists point out that most of brigade's personnel are mobilized soldiers. Most of them have never dealt with artillery. They were quite conscious in the intention to defend their motherland and therefore the intensive training does not hurt. It secured high quality preparation of all artillery crews in a short period.

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The gunners skillfully place barrage, both simple and mobile. They confidently deliver fire attacks. The guys know that they are in the rear of one of the most important directions - Mariupol. If ordered, they are ready to immediately arrive at firing positions to repel provocations or an explicit offensive of Russian-terrorist forces.

учения 40 бригады

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учения 40 бригады

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