Avakov: National Guard to be reinforced by NATO standards special forces team

Interior Ministry intends to reduce number of mobilized recruits, conscripts and reinforce the National Guard of Ukraine with professional contract soldiers instead.

As reported by Censor.NET, Interior Minister Arsen Avakov wrote about it on his Facebook page.

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"We create and build up units for modern warfare and rapid response in order to repel Russian aggression and safeguard the country from terrorist and sabotage groups," the minister wrote.

According to Arsen Avakov, one of the elements of the modernized the National Guard is a new special forces team created with regard to new approaches and principles.

"We will adopt experience and regulations of world's best armies and special units," he stressed.

The ministry is to provide new standards and incentives for the National Guard contract soldiers. According to him, the commandos will receive a salary of at least UAH 7,000 (about $300). Sergeants, junior and middle officers - UAH 11,000-13,000 (about $475-560). Senior officers - about UAH 20,000 (about $860). In addition, a "tangible remuneration" for participating in special combat operations will be paid.

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"The team will be manned not through mobilization or conscription: only volunteers willing to serve in the brigade. Among contractors, we would like to see soldiers and officers with ATO experience, including those with experience of peacekeeping missions familiar with NATO operating procedures," Avakov wrote.

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