Klykh claims tortures by beating, electric current and psychotropic agents in Russian prison

Ukrainian Stanislav Klykh abducted in Russia, says he was tortured and pumped with psychotropic agents in Russian prison in order to make him testify.

This is announced in a statement, sent to the European Court of Human Rights, July 30, 2015, which is fully reproduced on the website of Open Russia (pro-European Russian NGO - ed.), Censor.NET reports citing Ukrainska Pravda.


"After I was arrested on August 8, 2014 I was forced to testify: they used illegal methods of inquiry and investigation, namely, beating and inflicting injuries, including by handcuffs and electric current, lasting kneeling, resulting in numerous scars on the wrists, knees, and ankles," the statement reads.

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According to him, he was forced to drink alcohol and put under psychotropic agents administered intravenously.

"All this took place in Zelenokumsk and Vladikavkaz from Aug. 28 till Sept. 24, 2014. These methods were applied to make me admit that I had allegedly gone to Chechnya in 1994-2000 and taken part in the hostilities along with Dudayev, killing soldiers on Minutka Square in Grozny, that I had intended to carry out terrorist attacks in different Russian cities and supposedly arrived in Russia for this purpose," Klykh says.

According to Klykh, in Vladikavkaz, they used to leave him outside in prison yard for several days, no water and food provided.

"As a result, I was brought to a state of dystrophy and could not hold a spoon, because the hands were damaged by handcuffs," he says.

According to Klykh, he was tortured by unknown persons in masks who put a bag over his head and secured it with sticky tape before they started.

The interrogations, which usually ended in torturing, were carried out by persons calling themselves "Yura", "Sasha", "Sergey", "Veniamin", as well as employees of Zelenokumsk and Vladikavkaz temporary holding facility and predetention center.

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Klykh says that in one of the nights "at about midnight, unknown men in masks came and dragged him into the basement."

"The man who called himself "Sasha" started to torture me with electric current having put metal caps under voltage on my little fingers. It lasted for three nights on end. During tortures, he asked me about Chechnya, Crimea, and if he was not satisfied with my answer, he increased the voltage," Klykh states.

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He also says that later on, a man calling himself "Veniamin" met with him and promised to do his best for tortures to cease.

"They ceased. On the next day, "Yura" brought milk, honey, and a mattress. I was allowed to sleep on the bed. But after two days, the mattress and hygiene items were taken away. "Sasha" came and hit me in the ribs and legs twice saying that during the interrogation I would have to say that I had cut the throat of two Russian soldiers on Minutka Square," Klykh says.

As reported, preliminary hearing in Stanislav Klykh and Mykola Karpiuk case will take place on Sept. 15, in Grozny, Chechnya.

Karpiuk and Klykh are accused in Russia of "leading a gang, murdering two or more persons in connection with their activity, attempting on two or more persons in connection with their activity."

According to investigation, along with militants, they were involved in engagements with Russian soldiers on the territory of Chechnya.
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