Truce in Donbas deceptive, Kremlin maneuvers to appease the West rather than end war, - U.S. Department of State

Strobe Talbott believes cease-fire in the Donbas to be Kremlin's maneuver. According to him, it is not cease-fire that should end the war in the east of Ukraine but a peace agreement.

The war in eastern Ukraine should not come to a permanent cease-fire in the end but to a clearly drawn up peace agreement. This deal should not only guarantee Ukraine its territorial integrity but also allow it to pursue an independent foreign policy and choose its development vector without regard to Russia. This was announced by president of Brookings Institution and United States Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott at the YES summit, Censor.NET reports citing zn.ua.

According to him, the current cease-fire, mentioned by president Poroshenko, should be treated with caution. Talbott says that this is just Kremlin's maneuver in its geopolitical game.

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Talbott states that the underlying reason of the truce is rather an attempt to appease the West, but not to end the war, and the West should keep this in mind when it soon returns to the issue of extending the sanctions.Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n351539