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 West did not provide Ukraine with weapons through fears they could immediately be handed over to Russia, - Poroshenko

There were many agents of the Kremlin in the Ukrainian army in the middle of last year. This fact as well as corrupt generalship of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were among the reasons why the West did not support supply of advanced weapons to Kyiv.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said in an interview to the Voice of America, Censor.NET reports citing Liga.

He also added that according to Western observers, there actually was no army in Ukraine in 2014.

"We had no friends a year ago, no one trusted us. Now I can uncover the situation: when I invited our American and European partners to provide us with military assistance, I was shocked as the president having heard them saying: no, we cannot help you," he stated.

Among the main reasons for the refusal to supply weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine there were three major ones voiced to the president. The main reason was the fact that "Ukraine had no army" at that time. Those detachments that were in Kyiv's disposal at the beginning of the war in the Donbas were "infiltrated by the agents of Russia." According to Poroshenko, the West had fears that the weapons provided to Kyiv would "immediately be handed over to Russia."

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According to the Ukrainian leader, the corruption of the military officials was also the reason for the refusal.

It should be reminded that Poroshenko urged Western countries to provide 1,240 pieces of FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank complexes - Ukraine got rid of the same number of nuclear warheads having signed the Budapest Memorandum in 1994.

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