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 Remand of Odesa activists Sternenko and Rezvushkin is misjudgment. Authorities create problems for themselves out of thin air, - Butusov

The remand of Odesa activists Serhii Sternenko and Yevhen Rezvushkin in custody is a misjudgment. This case can cause enormous damage to the reputation of the authorities.

Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov wrote on Facebook.

"The authorities are not yet able to provide justice under the law. Therefore, the streets carry out the function of, let's say, social condemnation in Ukraine. And the streets should perform such actions otherwise the credit to justice and morality is much stronger harmed without this at least moral pressure than the interior of Kivalov's palace or faces of thieving prosecutors and customs officials. I do not claim that the detainees are saint or that they are above the law and justice. Everyone must face justice for one's deeds without any exception. Everyone has its own liability and since there is the case let them be judged. But these guys did not flee from Odesa when there were attempts to create the "Odesa People's Republic" and were at the forefront of the struggle for Ukraine. So what's the point of their remand? Is it possible that they run away now?" he explained.

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"No one will take it as a demonstration of the triumph of justice in Odesa because Kivalov is currently at large enjoying the court's decision. It will be regarded to as the readiness of the authorities to reign in the unruly pro-Ukrainian activists, as Kivalov's ability to take revenge on his offenders," the journalist said.

"Authorities make problems for themselves out of thin air. This court's decision will impact the reputation of the entire system of state bodies and inflict damage to the reputation of the authorities. And this problem should have been responded to. The formal position of the officials should have been set up so that the appeals court could take into account the opinion of the local authorities and Sternenko with Rezvushkin will prepare for the trial at large. Head of the Regional State Administration Mikheil Saakashvili should voice public position on this issue. It requires ultimate transparency and the highest level of attention. The variation of pretrial restraining order is a matter of principle," Butusov concluded.

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