Russian Federation can technically launch full-scale offensive at any moment, NSDC Secretary Turchynov says

The Russian Federation can technically embark on major offensive against Ukraine at any time.

National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov said in an interview with Channel 24, Censor.NET reports citing Liga.

"According to our intelligence, the Russian Federation can technically initiate a full-scale attack at any time and we must be prepared to repel this attack physically, both directly on the front line and in the information space," Turchynov said.

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At the same time, according to the NSDC Secretary, the Russian authorities have no formal reason to make a decision on the offensive to date. "We can say that we have actually nailed Russia down. And Putin has no conviction to state: "Look, Minsk deal has once again been violated, Ukraine is not fulfilling its obligations again," he said.

"Putin does not have bargaining chip here as well - there are currently no attempts made to cover up his crimes by some political slogans," Turchynov said.

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