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 "During the first Chechen war Yatseniuk personally tortured and killed Russian soldiers in Grozny," - Russian Investigative Committee

Russian Investigative Committee Head Alexander Bastrykin said in one of his interviews that Yatseniuk personally tortured Russian soldiers in Grozny in 1995.

As reported by Censor.NET, he said this in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

"Yatseniuk took part in at least two armed clashes that occurred on Minutka Square in Grozny on Dec. 31, 1994 and near Grozny city hospital No. 9 in February 1995, as well as in tortures and executions of captured soldiers of the Russian army in Oktiabrsky district of Grozny on Jan. 7, 1995. According to available information, in December 1995, Yatseniuk, along with other active members of the UNA-UNSO (Ukrainian political far-right organisation - ed.), was conferred an Order of Honor of the Nation - the highest award of Dzhokhar Dudayev - for elimination of Russian troops," Bastrykin said.

He added that interrogated associates of Yatseniuk characterized him as an educated, smart, but cunning and resourceful, so to say aspiring for power and publicity from childhood. "In early 1995, Arsenii Yatseniuk returned to Ukraine through Georgia with a group of journalists. Subsequently, he was repeatedly observed at conventions and other events of the UNA-UNSO in Kyiv," Bastrykin stated.

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As noted by Censor.NET, in 1995, Yatseniuk was 21 years old and a student at Chernivtsi Trade and Economic Institute of Kyiv National Trade and Economics University. At the same time, he participated in setting up a law firm "YurEk Ltd" in Chernivtsi, dealing with privatization issues, which he ran until 1997.

Following the logic of the Russian Investigative Committee, Yatseniuk could participate in the reprisal raids against Russian troops in Chechnya only during his winter holidays.
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