"First grenade was for National Guard soldiers, second for Verkhovna Rada window," Poroshenko says

President Petro Poroshenko voiced his take on the events near the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Aug. 31.

"I can disclose a plan terrorists had: to cover actual doers with smoke in order to protect them from video surveillance and prevent identification of the criminals... This is why the National Guard was throwing back smoke pellets - not grenades, but smoke pellets," the president said as quoted by Censor.NET correspondent.

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According to Poroshenko, the first grenade was supposed to dazzle the National Guard soldiers and cause "response fire," while the second was "purposed for a Verkhovna Rada window."

"That is a special grenade. Not RGD-5, which explodes in five to six seconds, but an RGO, which goes off right upon contact with any surface, including glass of the Verkhovna Rada window, which was occupied by MPs and journalists," the president said at the extended government meeting on Tuesday.

"700 fragments that were supposed to shoot out from it - just fancy the number of casualties, including those who are currently brave enough to criticize the National Guard soldiers," Poroshenko resented.

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