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 "Delivery of bodies, handing them over to relatives, morgues is a true hell! How should one deal with it?" - 41st Battalion officer Oleksii Skyrtach

The officer stumbled upon cronyism in procedures necessary to hand over bodies of fallen heroes to their relatives.

Officer of the 41st Battalion Oleksii Skyrtach wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"Five servicemen of the 41st separate mechanized infantry battalion, which carries out forward defense (in Starohnativka), have been killed over the past four months. I was personally involved in delivery of the bodies and all related procedures. If you could only feel the "smell" of our fallen heroes in the Volnovakha morgue without refrigeration chamber! If you only knew how it felt to transport fallen brothers-in-arms in a minibus, which is on his way out itself! If you only knew what circles of hell must one pass in the Dnipropetrovsk (Kharkiv, Zaporizhia) mortuary, in local police precinct, prosecutor's office, court, bureau of forensic medical examination, military enlistment office to receive a body. You should have seen the mourning of the relatives unable to obtain the body of their son (father, brother) due to a dull bureaucratic runaround...

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"The ordinary people are prohibited to die for their homeland at all - especially on weekends and holidays. I will single out an example: we brought the bodies of two brothers-in-arms, who had tripped the enemy mine, to Dnipropetrovsk city hospital (on Mechnykov Street) May 2, 2015 (Saturday morning). One forensic medical examiner and other staff have immediately warned us that it would be impossible to make an autopsy and fetch the bodies quickly as everybody had left the city, and he could not make any decisions on his own. They proposed to wait two more days (until Monday!) when everybody would be at workplaces. Meanwhile the relatives were waiting in the Chernihiv region, where our heroes were from, to bid farewell. Thank God, there were famous people and volunteers among my friends ready to help at any time. It was my immediate post on Facebook that was responded to by numerous conscientious people who have put the authorities on their toes. All issues regarding autopsy, police, prosecutors, military enlistment office were solved within two (!) hours as a result and the dude, who said that it was impossible, had personally put on gloves and did everything in the best plight and order. One stumbles upon cronyism even here! How should one deal with it, friends?! Who should be executed for it?!" the officer wrote.

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