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 Savchenko verdict ready, same as Sentsov’s one, pilot's lawyer says

The Russian court's sentence for Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko has already been written, but she will be released sooner or later due to the growing diplomatic pressure.

Savchenko's lawyer Ilya Novikov said in an interview to Hromadske.TV, Censor.NET reports.

Commenting on his expectations on Savchenko's trial, Ilya Novikov said: "The result will be very simple: the diplomatic pressure will increase and she will be released due to it sooner or later. It has nothing to do with the verdict while it has already been written. One should be under no illusion. We are often accused of being too much engaged in public relations while it would be better to do our job. The people believing that the purely procedural defense in a Russian court may be fruitful should study Sentsov's case. If there are still any questions, his sentence may provide all the answers. The sentence of Savchenko will be the same."

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"For the European policy to be engaged in the support with full dedication and provide assistance insisting on her release, it must feel a backup in the form of a thick stack of documents. Not some waste paper, but irrefutable arguments. Our position must not excite pity like "there is a woman in prison, please help her." We have a clear position: she has international immunity; she has proof of her innocence. We have evidence that the whole story was made out of thin air. Judging by facts we know from this story, there was a shell that have just impacted a group of militants. The Russian investigation had factored these militants out," he said.

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