Professional Russian army is fighting against Ukraine – research. GRAPHICS

The instrument of this war is not a small group of marginals, but, unfortunately, military personnel of the Russian army. The strangest thing about it is that, in general, evidence is mostly provided not by investigators or experts, but by Russian military themselves.

Censor.NET reports citing InformNapalm. The team of the website has been gathering evidence of the aggression of the Russian Federation in Ukraine over more than a year now.

A psychically healthy person looks for explanation for his or her actions, even if they are as terrible as killing of his own kind. That may be the most likely explanation for the extraordinary activity of the Russian military in Ukraine in social networks. Being aware of the abyss of the Kremlin propaganda, these people publish photos of themselves, their weapons, and colleagues, as well as of local residents hoping to acquit themselves in their own eyes and to find support from online friends.

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All that remains to the activists is hard work of finding, documenting, sorting, identification and geolocation of images, as well as reporting of the truth around the world in different languages.

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The starting point of each curve is the point of permanent deployment of a military unit in the territory of the Russian Federation (Units tab). The final point is the location of the incident involving the military from that unit on the territory of Ukraine (Incidents tab). Now we offer you to see the Bezier curves of this war, and then look at our database and reflect on the ways to victory.

The graphics for the database was created by InformNapalm volunteer Yaroslav Dobrianskiy.

графикаИсточник: https://en.censor.net.ua/p350715