Russian Cossacks are Russia’s Ministry of Defense reserves, - InformNapalm's investigation. PHOTOS

Investigators continue to disclose and identify the Russian militants’ sidekickers and international terrorists who fight in Ukraine in the ranks of the illegal armed formations of the ‘DPR/LPR.’

The investigative journalists of InformNapalm identified citizens from both CIS and non-CIS states among this 'international rabble.' But the vast majority of the 'volunteers' are citizens of the Russian Federation, consisting of various kinds of military-patriotic and Cossack organizations skillfully manipulated by the Russian special services in the interests of the aggressive policy of the Kremlin, Censor.NET reports.

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A vivid confirmation of this is the information placed on the page of "Kuban Cossack sports school 'Basko'". It is about a military training which took place at a training site near the village of Molkino (Russia) in the end of August and involved around 600 Cossacks who had had practical combat classes. The training agenda included lessons on tactics, shooting with AK and SVD rifles, passing obstacle courses, familiarization with modern samples of small arms, armored vehicles and tanks.война армия казаки рфвойна армия казаки рфвойна армия казаки рф

Note: The village of Molkino (Krasnodar krai, Russia) is placed near a military training ground which is used for training military units of the Southern Military District. The 10th separate special forces brigade is also located in Molkino, and this is the brigade where 'volunteers' had been trained before being sent to Donbas a year ago (please refer to 'Russia as the sponsor of the international terrorism: militants training camps in the Russian territory', in Russian). A group of the 10th brigade's servicemen was disclosed in Luhansk in July, 2015.

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Current article is about the Stavropol Cossack community ('Mineralovodskoye town Cossack community' of the Tver Cossacks, to be precise). Members of this community are 'veterans' and participants of the Crimea annexation in 2014, they are also regularly seen in the 'Vostok' battalion in Donbas.

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"The 'hero' of our investigation is Shamanauri Bidzina Vazhaevich, born on Dec. 24, 1990, an ethnic Georgian who lives in Mineralnye Vody (Russia). He is the one who gave Cossacks away in Crimea and Donbas.

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"His parents are:

  • father - Shamanauri Vazha, born in 1961, lives in Tbilisi, Georgia.
  • mother - Karina Panibrat (Oganezova), born in 1968, lives in Kaliningrad, Russia. Despite the fact Bidzina Shamanauri's parents are divorced and he hasn't been to Georgia for a while, he still stays in touch with his father and relatives.
  • Sisters - Shamanauri Maya, born in 1986, and Shamanauri Nina, born in 1985, who live in Mineralnye Vody, Russia.
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"Note: More information can be found in the 'Myrotvorets' center database.

"The most interesting fact about Bidzina and other Cossacks from Mineralnye Vody is the medal 'For returning the Crimea' (a legal reward of the Russia's Ministry of Defense) on an order of Russian Federation MD No. 109 dated Feb. 24, 2015, signed by Stavropol Krai's chief enlistment officer. It was also mentioned on the official Cossack's community website on May 15, 2015 ('Commendation to Mineralnye Vody Cossack Community members for returning Crimea', in Russian).

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"The most recent photos made by Bidzina Shamanauri and his brothers-in-arms are pictures from Donbas including the Donetsk-Pivnichny rail road hub area and Spartak village council (Yasynuvata district, the Donetsk region) plundered by the mentioned militants (see "Russian mercenaries are shocked by the Donbas militants' looting", in Russian).

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"P.S. Bidzina Shamanauri is not the first ethnic Georgian who fights against Ukraine in the ranks of 'Novorossiya' armed formations. We have already disclosed and identified other such militants - 'Gogi' Teimuraz Gogiashvili and Gia 'Problem' Djogerdishvili," the report concludes.
Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/p350266