Number of injured in clashes outside Ukrainian parliament reached 131 persons – President’s Adviser for Humanitarian Affairs

The number of victims of explosion outside the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has risen to 131 people as of 11 p.m. Aug. 31.

Censor.NET reports citing the statement by Adviser to the President of Ukraine for Humanitarian Affairs Olha Bohomolets on Facebook.

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"There are 25 injured people in the military hospital as of 11 p.m. Two of them are in critical but stable condition having penetrating shrapnel wounds of the lungs. There are 55 injured in the hospital of the Interior Ministry: one person is in serious unstable condition. He has just undergone surgery jointly conducted by neurosurgeons from the Interior Ministry, Ukraine's Academy of Science and ophthalmologists," she wrote.

"There are 44 injured people in the 17th hospital. One of them with penetrating shrapnel wound to the heart has died. One person is in critical but stable condition with a penetrating wound to the abdomen. Another person is in serious unstable condition having multiple penetrating wounds to the abdomen and a vast blood loss. He is currently undergoing consecutive surgery. The consultants from the emergency hospital have arrived to assist in it. The person had a blood loss replacement directly from donors. We are grateful to the doctor donor from the 17th hospital, who has donated her blood for the transfusion to the wounded person as well as another four donors who are waiting to do it," Bohomolets added.

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"There are also seven wounded people in the hospital named after Tsarevich Alexander. One person is in critical unstable condition having a penetrating wound to the brain. There are a total of 131 wounded people in hospitals, seven of them are in serious condition," the adviser to the president summed up.

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