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 Energy charge in Ukraine to increase dramatically from Sept. 1

The price of electricity, both for urban and rural residents of Ukraine, will increase by 20% from Sept. 1.

Electricity producers argue that the increase is long overdue, but experts say that the new figures are inflated, Censor.NET reports citing UNIAN.

Earlier, the price for consumers was 0.37 hryvnia per kWh. From Sept. 1, it will be 0.456 hryvnia per kWh. This tariff is valid if the total volume of electricity used in the past month does not exceed 100 kWh.

Other terms will be applied for those who exceed this rate: 100 to 600 kWh consumption will cost 0.79 hryvnia per kWh, over 600 kWh - 1.48 hryvnia per kWh.

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Former minister for housing and utilities and chairman of Ukraine's Union of Homeowners Oleksii Kucherenko says the majority of Ukrainians cannot afford new tariffs.

"The increase in tariffs primarily affects the group with 100-600 kWh consumption. Earlier, the minimum amount of "cheap" electricity was 150 kW\h, and now it is 100 kW\h. But no household is able to consume less than 100 kW\h," he said.

As compared, Moscow's electricity tariffs are the following: RUB 5.03 (1.60 hryvnia) in houses with no electric stoves and RUB 3.52 (1.12 hryvnia) in houses with electric stoves.

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