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 Two in three breaking out from Ilovaisk were either killed or injured, - MD Stebliuk

армия выставка иловайск

On anniversary of the Ilovaisk tragedy back in late August 2014, when Ukrainian units got under Russian-terrorist forces fire, while moving in "corridor", Vsevolod Stebliuk, Doctor of Medicine, chief medical officer at Peacemaker volunteer battalion, colonel of medical service speaks about those tragic events.

As reported by Censor.NET citing NV, he announced this on air of Hromadske radіo. "Two days before I had to leave, we arrived at the position, and almost solemnly entered Ilovaisk on Independence Day. We deployed at a railway depot already held by Kherson battalion, if one can call 20 desperate and extremely brave boys a battalion. It was this depot, where we stayed during five tough and tragic days until Aug. 29, when, I believe the largest tragedy in the history of modern Ukraine occurred, where every third fighter breaking out from the city (volunteers, the police, the army) stayed there forever. Every second was injured. About 200 guys have not returned and are still missing, but they remain alive for us and their parents," Stebliuk said. He recalls that during the Ilovaisk operation his medics treated 150 wounded per day.

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According to Stebliuk, those fighting in Ilovaisk realized they opposed Russian army and not militants. "This was clear even when we arrived at the summer camp "Avanhard." I clearly remember the moment when I was into a conversation with battalion's commander Andrii Teteruk, and two SBU officers in armor vests rushed to us, saying they had reliable information about 11 pieces of equipment having entered the city, and asked us if there was any safe path to the "mainland." I remember it fine. I asked the commander what we were going to do, and he said we would die as heroes. In fact, he was right," Stebliuk added.

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