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 Head of Customs Service Likarchuk says the agency is run by person subordinate to its former head who escaped to Russia

The officials of the Ukrainian Customs Service may be masterminded by Russia as the agency is still run by men of its former head Ihor Kaletnik.

Deputy Head of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine Kostiantyn Likarchuk said on air of 112 Ukraine TV channel, Censor.NET reports.

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"I can absolutely clearly state that I am hindered in my work and kept away from my work and can even tell the names. A system has been established in the Customs Service, let's say, a sort of a distribution system, which as well existed in a certain form during previous government, not only during Kaletnik's tenure, but also during Klymenko's one. Now it's all, in my opinion, is again headed by Mr. Romanenko. Hennadii Romanenko is a non-staff adviser to Mr. Nasirov, whom Mr. Nasirov has informally vested power over customs officials, and who now runs all personnel issues in customs service as well as other, let's say, arrangements. In fact, I think we need to consider this situation very seriously because there might even be something that is called "Russian trace" as Mr. Kaletnik is currently sitting in Moscow, and his people are still running the Customs Service. Perhaps this is why they keep Mr. Saakashvili and me away from our work," Likarchuk said.

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