Kremlin wants to exchange captive Rakhman for Russian major Starkov, - social activist Mochanov

Captive Ukrainian officer is alive, but terrorists are rigid with his exchange terms.

As reported by Censor.NET, this was announced by the volunteer and social activist Oleksii Mochanov on his Facebook page.

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"Rakhman is absent in today's list. Ruban saw Andrii for a few minutes, our officer is alive and almost healthy. Separatists are rigid in terms of exchange: they are ready to exchange our major for their major Starkov, known as "Major Kamaz," who messed up check points and got captured by Ukrainian soldiers. He is now under prosecution and waiting to face the court.

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No one is going to release him: we are not at war, and therefore, no special conditions are out there allowing POWs exchange. Therefore, I got a question to FB community: do you think it is possible to exchange our prisoners for those taken captive by us? Or do we have to give up slops and take every separatist to court? Given the attitude toward Ukrainian POWs is the same.

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If answer will be many and grounded, perhaps authorities will react somehow. It's not even about Rakhman (one of the so-called "Cyborgs" from Donetsk airport - ed.) There are captive Ukrainian soldiers held by terrorists for more than a year. They are now waiting for society's decision.

The government that came to office via people's blood is obliged to listen to public opinion. It is also obliged to remember that our president's 54 percent of credence was not given free for nothing, but following quite exact populist promises: to end the war before the end of last June, to send to the front only contract pros decently paid and insured..." Mochanov wrote.
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