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 Losses of Ukrainian Army in Ilovaisk entrapment may amount up to 1,000 people, - Investigatory Commission Head Senchenko

The number of Ukrainian soldiers killed in Ilovaisk encirclement in 2014 may amount up to a thousand people.

Head of the Provisional Investigatory Commission to investigate Ilovaisk tragedy (which took place in August - October 2014) Andrii Senchenko stated today during a press conference, Censor.NET reports citing OstroV.

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"It will be possible to conscientiously announce the total losses after each law enforcement agency, which took part in these events at different stages, provides the following information: the losses inflicted directly during all engagements; the number of servicemen, who died including in hospitals from injuries received during all engagements near Ilovaisk; and those military listed as missing. Our commission could only indirectly estimate that losses in all episodes (of Ilovaisk events - Ed.) amount up to 1,000 people," Senchenko said.

"Why indirectly? Because there was an episode. The military authorities just stonewall it pretending that it never existed while it was not initially investigated by the military prosecutor's office. When Ilovaisk was surrounded by about 3,500-3,600 Russian career soldiers reinforcedby 500 militants, according to available information, a company and task force of the 51st Brigade were sent to attack the enemy forces and deblock Ilovaisk. That is they were sent to their doom," he stressed.

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