Activists demolished huge fence worth 6 million hryvnias around communist Kaletnik’s land plot. PHOTOS

Activists have partially deconstructed a huge six-meter fence around the land plot belonging to former head of Customs Service of Ukraine, Communist party member Ihor Kaletnik in Bucha town near Kyiv.

The construction has been fencing in 15 hectares of forest, journalist and blogger Denys Kazanskyi wrote on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

калетник забор угодья

A conflict with police, who have been trying to protect the fence, has also taken place, Kazanskyi informed.

"Constructions fencing 15 hectares are rarely seen. In the past, communists were destroying houses of landlords. Now people attack communists' houses," the blogger commented. "Given that one acre of land in Bucha costs several thousand dollars, one can only imagine how successful Kaletnik was in the Customs office."

калетник забор угодьякалетник забор угодьякалетник забор угодьякалетник забор угодья

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Kazanskyi assumed that Kaletnik fenced the land with a 5-meter-high construction in order to set hunting within its perimeter. "A hunt would look like this: captured animals are let out within the fence, and people follow them and shoot, given that the high wall does not allow the animals to escape."

калетник забор угодьякалетник забор угодья
As reported by vlada.io, the land plot in question has long been a subject of conflicts. The land allegedly belonged to Kaletnik's grandfather Vasyl Kirhan, although the communist in fact bought the plot for $15 mln. In October 2014, Bucha court ruled that the land to be returned to the state. However, the fence has been in place since then.

As long as Ihor Kaletnik is on the run, the construction at the plot is underway. Bucha residents have previously said they would demolish the fence and sell it. Its cost is estimated at around 6 mln hryvnias.

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