Verdict in Sentsov-Kolchenko case to be delivered tomorrow

On Aug. 25, Rostov-on-Don military court will deliver a verdict on Ukrainian filmmaker Oleh Sentsov and activist Oleksandr Kolchenko, accused of terrorism.

It is reported by Censor.NET citing Glavkom. "During the trial, even more shocking details of tortures, aimed to extract evidence against the accused, have been revealed. Lack of investigation into the tortures flags further disregard for standards of fair trial in this case," spokesman for Amnesty International Ukraine, who will attend tomorrow's meeting, said.

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According to him, any verdict of accusation would signify a defeat of justice in Russia, because the case is obviously fabricated in order to punish them for their opposition to Crimea's occupation. Recently, Kolchenko and Sentsov have made their last statements in court. Kolchenko said that the whole case had been "fabricated and politically motivated." "This is confirmed by the fact that it was reclassified from arson to a terrorist attack only after obtaining the necessary evidence," Kolchenko said. He was indignant at the fact that "people who applied tortures accuse us (Sentsov and Kolchenko - ed.) of terrorism."

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Kolchenko thanked Afanasiev, who denied his testimony because it had been given under duress. "I was impressed by the loud, beautiful and strong deed of Afanasiev," Kolchenko stated. At the same time Sentsov said that "the court of occupants can not be fair by definition." He also appreciated Afanasiev's move and rejoiced that "Afanasiev will now live as a person, who had courage to withstand." Sentsov once again stressed he considered the annexation of Crimea illegal.

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"I believe you know that Crimea was taken illegally, and Russia is waging war in the Donbas. I have the whole insulator stuffed with militants. They are surprised at being put behind bars for scam at the border, but this is a one-way train," Sentsov said. He wished the Russians to follow Ukraine's example. "There are still people who understand everything, but they fear. We had criminals running the country and we poured to the streets. They failed to hear us - we started to burn tires. I can only wish the informed part of Russia not to fear," Sentsov said.

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Sentsov's lawyer asked for absolute acquittance of the Ukrainian director. At the same time, trial's prosecutor previously requested to sentence Sentsov to a 23-year imprisonment in a penal colony.
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