Decrease in cease-fire violations was observed in ATO zone

The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to Ukraine recorded a decrease in cease-fire violations at and around the Donetsk airport and a calm situation in the area east of Mariupol.

Censor.NET reports citing UNN

"The SMM observed a decrease in cease-fire violations at and around Donetsk airport and a calm situation in the area east of Mariupol on Aug.22. The SMM did not record any cease-fire violations in the Luhansk region," the OSCE report reads.

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The number of cease-fire violations observed at and around the destroyed 'DPR'-controlled airport decreased in comparison with the previous day.

From its position at the Joint Centre for Control and Co-ordination (JCCC) observation point, at the 'DPR'-controlled Donetsk railway station, the SMM heard a total of 35 explosions and bursts of small-arms and light-weapons fire in the morning. From the same position, between 2:15 p.m. and 5:45 p.m. the SMM observed 44 explosions and numerous bursts and shots of small-arms fire.

In government-controlled Prohorivka in the Donetsk region, following up on information received separately from the head of the village council and residents of Starohnativka about one male civilian killed in overnight shelling, the SMM observed one crater and a piece of shrapnel near the farm compound where according to residents the victim had been hit. The SMM assessed that a 152mm shell - fired from a north-easterly direction - had caused it.

In government-controlled Lebedynske village near Mariupol city, the SMM observed six fresh craters and assessed that five of them were caused by 82mm mortar shells fired from a south-easterly direction, while the sixth was caused by a calibre above 120mm originated from the same direction.

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The SMM revisited two 'DPR' heavy weapons holding areas, whose locations comply with the respective withdrawal lines. One 'DPR' heavy weapons holding area was abandoned, and six towed howitzer guns (D30, 122mm) and one anti-tank towed wheel artillery (MT-12, 120mm, Rapira) were absent.
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