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 "This circus can show clowns, not justice," - Savchenko commented on upcoming trial

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Ukrainian pilot, the Verkhovna Rada Deputy Nadiya Savchenko stated she would return to Ukraine at any cost. She has a dim view of the upcoming trial in the Russian Federation expecting no justice from it. The pilot has not made a will, as she planned.

Savchenko said in an interview with Focus.ua, Censor.NET reports.

When asked whether she saw any opportunity to be released and to return to Ukraine in the foreseeable future and whether she was ready to accept a compromise from the Russian authorities, Savchenko said: "I will return to Ukraine at any cost. But I do not accept a compromise from scumbag."

According to Savchenko, her long lasting hunger strikes against the actions in protest of the Russian authorities have given the result, but insufficient: "This way of struggle has given the result. I believe that if I had not stopped the strike the result would be much better. I will have to be more thoroughgoing in the future - the hunger strike is not enough."

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She was unable to draw up a will as she had planned before her transfer to Novocherkassk. According to her, she was not allowed to do so in jail. Savchenko said that it was better in the jail where she was held then because it was closer to Ukraine and people understood Ukrainian there. The pilot is admitted by her relatives once or twice a month besides the lawyers. When asked what Savchenko expects from the upcoming trial, she said: "This circus can show clowns, not justice," and if she could say something to the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin she would say: "You better resign for yourself."

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