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 Presidential adviser Biriukov: "No one knows who gave orders in Ilovaisk"

Adviser to the president and to minister of defense Yurii Biriukov, having received access to records and documentation can not give a clear answer as to who gave an order regarding Ilovaisk.

As reported by Censor.NET, he announced this on air of Hromadske.TV channel.

According to Biriukov, after becoming adviser to the minister of defense, he was given access to the documentation on Ilovaisk. He says there are still a lot of questions as to who gave orders and what kind of orders they were. Also, according to him, it is still unclear who gave an order to enter Ilovaisk, as there was no single coordination between Ukrainian troops, volunteer battalions and other units. Most of the orders were given orally and not all of them were fulfilled, the adviser to the minister said.

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