Commander of US Army Europe Ben Hodges impressed by professionalism of Ukrainian troops


Ukrainian military are effective in employing the lightweight counter-mortar radar provided by the U.S., using it in ways that American troops had not used in themselves.

In contrast to Ukrainian troops, U.S. military have never been under Russian artillery or rocket fire. Therefore, they have a lot to learn from Ukrainian fighters, the commander of the U.S. Army Europe Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges said in an interview with Defense News, Censor.NET reports siting Liga.

"No Americans have been under Russian artillery or rocket fire. These Ukrainians have, and so it has been interesting to hear what they have learned," he said commenting on the joint military exercise (Rapid Trident - ed.) in the Lviv region.

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The U.S. general also says he was very impressed with Ukrainian military capability to adapt during hostilities and train, waging war against Russia at the same time.

"I have been very impressed with the earnestness of the Ukrainian military to fix their institutional shortcomings and to improve their capabilities. I saw the chief of the Ukrainian Army, Lt. Gen. Pushniakov bringing five officers who had recently served at the front. Each officer stood in front of the group of people from 18 countries and described their experiences and lessons learned. It was very impressive and something that blew out all of the stereotypes of their technical capability, their willingness to do critical self-analysis, and to talk about it in public. It was one of the most professional things I have ever seen of any army. They were very candid, showing "we were not prepared to do this, but here is how we adapted," Hodges said.

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The commander of the U.S. Army Europe also noted the professionalism of Ukrainian soldiers who, according to him, employ the lightweight counter-mortar radar provided by the US even better than American troops.

"We have provided them with the lightweight counter-mortar radar, and they were very, very effective in employing that. In fact, they used it in ways that we had not used it ourselves, and discovered that it made it more effective than I think we knew was possible," Hodges added.
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