Putin accused Ukraine of escalation of conflict in Donbas

Russian President Vladimir Putin hopes that the situation in the Donbas will not emerge into open large-scale engagements between the "insurgents" and the Ukrainian army, and believes that there is no alternative to the Minsk II.

"I hope it won't run to open direct large-scale clashes," he told journalists, Censor.NET reports citing RIA Novosti.

"As for the Minsk II agreement, I believe that there is no other alternative for resolving the situation there and the peace will definitely prevail in the long run. Our task is to minimize the losses, which we will reach this peace with," the Russian president added.

According to Putin, the Ukrainian side is guilty in the escalation of the conflict.

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"Unfortunately, today we are witnessing the escalation and the fault for this lies not on the "militias", it lies on the opposite side."

"It was the militia of the Donbas, which has offered to withdraw all military equipment with the caliber of less than 100-mm. Unfortunately, the other party have not fulfilled it, but on the contrary, according to our information, is concentrating its detachments there, including the ones reinforced with military equipment," Putin said.

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