German historian sues Russia for being called an extremist

German historian Sebastian Stopper sues Russia in the European court of human rights as his academic research was labeled extremist.

Censor.NET reports citing Ukrinform.

The young researcher doesn't agree that his research was included in the Russian Federal list of extremist materials. Stopper refuses to return to Russia for research because of fears of criminal prosecution.

The court in Bryansk decided that Stopper justified the actions of the German occupiers and belittled the importance of partisan military operations in Bryansk in his blog. According to the Court, "it may contribute to the formation of negative attitudes towards social ideals and spiritual values ​​(heroism of ancestors, respect for veterans of the guerrilla movement and their military services) that exist in today's society, the history of the Great Patriotic War in general and partisan movement of the Bryansk region in particular." Soviet District Court of Bryansk recognized that Stopper's notes were extremist on Nov.5, 2013. In April 2014 they were included in the federal list of extremist materials.

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"In any case, I know that I am not an extremist. And I do not share extremist views. In particular, I'm not justifying the actions of the German occupiers or punishers," Stopper said.

Sebastian Stopper is studying guerrilla movement in the Bryansk region. He managed to find the famous diary of Bryansk underground resistance member and partisan Vaya Safronova, materials about the shooting in Khatsun, as well as documents of guerrilla commander Alexander Vinogradov in the German archives in Russia.

Based on his research, he defended his thesis in Berlin. "Of course there was nothing justifying Nazi war crimes," Stopper said. But the real reason his research ruffled feathers in Russia is because it challenged previous claims about the partisans' effectiveness, long accepted as facts in Russian history.

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