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 Steinmeier concerned over truce violations in Ukraine


German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier held a phone conversation with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov on Friday, expressing concern over the recent ceas-efire violations in eastern Ukraine.

German Foreign Ministry spokesman Sebastian Fischer said Germany is watching the renewed violence between Ukrainian government troops and Russia-backed separatists "with the utmost concern".

Censor.NET reports citing Deutsche Welle.

Frank-Walter Steinmeier once again expressed concern about violations of the cease-fire in eastern Ukraine and the risk of a new escalation of the conflict.

A spokesman for the German Foreign Ministry described it as "a case of dangerous brinkmanship".

"The repeated breach of the cease-fire agreed in Minsk is a case of dangerous brinkmanship in our view," Fischer said.

Fischer said Germany is calling on both sides to observe the cease-fire agreement and is in touch with all sides "to prevent the current situation from escalating further".

Both sides expressed serious concern over the continuing violations of the cease-fire by the opposing sides, which leads to new casualties, including those among the civilian population,

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