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 Next mobilization campaign starts in Ukraine this autumn

Deputy head of the military office of the city of Kyiv Ihor Sliusarenko informed that another mobilization campaign will start on Oct. 1.

Censor.NET reports citing Obosrevatel

Ihor Sliusarenko noted that they are just researching "military potential" during this summer.

"Actually, we did not stop work to mobilize people. Medical boards will start to operate in September. Some people are going to visit these boards once again," he said.

Sliusarenko also announced that autumn conscription for the military service, according to the order of the president of Ukraine, will end on Nov. 30th.

Mobilization campaign was resumed in Ukraine in 2015. At the same time terms of the military service have been increased up to 1.5 years.

Subjects to the draft are men aged 20 to 27.

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