Kremlin ordered “DPR” militants to hold "parade of prisoners" on the Independence Day of Ukraine. DOCUMENT

The “DPR” militants received the order from Moscow to hold "parade of POWs" in the occupied Donetsk on the Independence Day of Ukraine.

Myrotvorets Center engaged in gathering intelligence on militants stated on Facebook, Censor.NET reports

The invaders were recommended to use disguised militants, who have not yet been "flashed", as "prisoners of war".

кремль боевики пленные

"The times have changed but the practices remained the same. The SS in the Nazi Germany and the Soviet NKVD in the Western Ukraine in the 40-50 years of the twentieth century liked to use such practices," Myrotvorets Center commented on the document.

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кремль боевики пленные

The document also contains detailed tasks for the militants including military uniforms with symbols of the Ukrainian armed forces, fake passports and military tickets of Ukrainian standards and others.

The militants also were ordered to let Russian TV channels only to cover this event.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/p347817