“LPR” terrorists again flashed APCs that belonged to Russian 23rd Brigade in Samara, - investigative journalist. PHOTOS

There is yet another proof of heavy military equipment delivery by the Russian Federation to militants in the Donbas.

Censor.NET reports citing Ukrainian investigative blogger Anton Pavlushko.

"The video of yesterday's attack committed by the militants clearly shows tactical symbols that relate to Samara 23rd Brigade (23rd separate Guards Motorized Rifle Brigade, military base 65349, Samara, Russian Federation - Ed.).

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"The Ukrainians captured an APC just like this one a year ago - with a red square and three dots and the "ЛНР" ("LPR") inscription. I wrote later that the separatists were getting APCs from 15th and 23rd Brigades' military bases in Samara. These military units were receiving the new Russian BTR-82 APCs at that time. But we have guessed over a year where the old ones were brought to. The same armored personnel carriers were often exposed in the past in the pictures taken by Gennady Dubovoi, they also were used by terrorist Motorola in offensives, etc.," Pavlushko wrote.

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"Someone was obviously sitting in Samara and disposing those APCs, someone had delivered them to the Donbas, etc. The number of people involved in the conflict on the Russian side is too great to hide everything. Someone will eventually not be decorated with a medal, will not receive the promised apartment, will not get the promised triple salary, etc. And those "Starkov's" offended by their fatherland will start talking," Pavlushko summed up.Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/p347503