Russian experts admit MH17 was downed with Buk, - Butusov

Today is a decisive day for investigation into the MH17 disaster.

This is announced by Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov on his Facebook page.

"Today, a group of international experts for civil aviation, ballistics and explosion meeting in The Hague is drawing a line in searching for cause of the MH17 crash in Donbas. Russia presented its report. In spite of all the lie by Russian propaganda about a "Ukrainian pilot Voloshyn," who allegedly downed the airliner in a low-altitude and low-speed attack aircraft, in spite of the criminal case of the Russian investigative committee, Russian experts acknowledged the plane had been hit by a Buk anti-aircraft missile," he wrote.

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"The report presents a version developed by the Russian company "Almaz-Antey" - a producer of Buk systems. They claim the missile was launched not from Snizhne, as proved by Dutch prosecutor's office, but from another village. They want to discredit photos and a video showing the moment of firing a Buk missile at the Boeing recorded July 14. It will not work, this Russian version is just crazy. They claim the rocket exploded not on the left of the cockpit, as wreckage examination shows, but exactly in the center. That is, the rocket exploded in the center, but all the splinters somehow struck the left side, the right side being undamaged," the journalist wrote.

"Moreover, both in the Boeing and at the crash site remnants of the latest Russian anti-aircraft missile "Buk -M1-2" were found. Ukrainian anti-aircraft forces do not possess this kind of weaponry. Russia learnt about it only two weeks ago, on the eve of The Hague meeting. Now they blame this lack of information on the investigation. And no one was obliged to provide them with this information. This is the territory of Ukraine," Butusov added.

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"As a result, Russia was the first to say the Boeing had been shot down by a Ukrainian missile "Buk M1." And then, the Ukrainian experts provided results of a chemical analysis of the rocket striking elements and proved that metal composition was identical to that of Russian missile "Buk-M1-2," he said.

"An important role in the examination was played by Ukrainian experts. They examined the nature of missile's explosion, its ballistics, and they are making a report of the expert group. Ukraine is presented by the Kyiv Research Institute of Forensic Examinations headed by Oleksandr Ruvin. As Afghanistan veteran, professional miner, and certified explosion engineer, he is making a report on the cause of explosion, missile's trajectory, chemical analysis of metal," Butusov added.

"On the eve of the meeting in The Hague, Arsenii Yatseniuk held a special meeting on this matter. Suddenly it occurred there existed a Department for Aviation Accident Investigation in Ukraine. A reputable public organization which hasn't done a single examination regarding the case. The prime minister ordered to finance the examination, but the Kyiv Research Institute of Forensic Examinations didn't receive the money. The experts flew to The Hague at their own expense," the journalist stated.

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