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 Lieutenant-Colonel Ihor Shyrynskyi, injured by explosion at Yavoriv training ground, dies, - volunteer

Lieutenant-Colonel Ihor Shyrynskyi, who received injuries as a result of explosion at the Yavoriv training ground Aug. 5, died on Tuesday, Aug. 11.

Volunteer Dana Yarova wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"The military, who had suffered bad burns at the Yavoriv training ground, died. He was wearing a shitty uniform made of whip cord cloth. The Defense Ministry received new uniforms made of fire resistant cloth. Why couldn't those rats from the logistics service change him into the new uniforms?" Yarova wrote.

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игорь ширинский

As reported earlier, 48-year-old officer Ihor Shyrynskyi suffered burns (over 70 percent of the body's surface) as a result of the explosion at the Yavoriv training ground Aug. 5. The man is survived by two sons (the younger one is 10 years old).

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