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 Night attack frustrated, militants continued fire in Donetsk and Mariupol directions, - ATO press center

This day in the ATO area saw Ukrainian troops resisting pro-Russian terrorists near Starohnativka.

As reported by Censor.NET, this was announced by the ATO press center.

The report reads: "Following a successful counter-strike by our troops militants retreated. Having taken strategic heights, Ukrainian fighters hold positions along the demarcation line and under the Minsk agreements. However, the enemy wasn't forced to silence in the Mariupol direction. During 11 hours, militants were repetedly firing Grad rocket systems on our troops positions in Starohnativka".

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"It was also hot at night in the Donetsk region. At around 1 a.m. occupants used 120-mm mortars and 122-mm artillery twice to shell Vodiane. Marinka and Opytne fell under tank fire.

"In the Artemivsk direction, around midnight, the enemy fired 152-mm artillery. Only during daylight hours, Russian-terrorist groups abated their activity," the press center stresses.

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"In total, from midnight to 6 p.m. militants violated cease-fire 37 times. At the same time, according to our operational data, the enemy is preparing for provocations seeking to blame the Ukrainian Armed Forces on escalation. At the moment, about 200 Ukrainian military outfits with corresponding chevrons and stripes are being manufactured in Sverdlovsk, the Luhansk region. Given the fact militants have repeatedly terrorized local population wearing Ukrainian uniform, it can be assumed terrorists will resort to such tactics again," the press center resumes.

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