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 Europe wins from countersanctions by Russia, European Commission says

Europe has not suffered from the agricultural embargo imposed by Russia on food deliveries from Western countries. It has also increased volumes of food exports by 5 percent. This amounted to 105.6 billion EUR, which is by 4.8 billion more than over the period from August 2013 to May 2014.

These figures were announced in the European Commission report dedicated to one-year anniversary of Russian countersanctions, Censor.NET reports citing 112.

Major achievements have been made thanks to increase in food export to the U.S., China, Switzerland, and a number of Asian markets, including those of Hong Kong and South Korea, the document reads.

According to the European Commission, exports of meat and dairy products increased significantly, while vegetables and fruit production slid by 12 and 10 percent. This is explained by the fact of Russia having been key trading area for European farmers among non-European markets, the document says.

According to the European Commission, supplies of European foods to South Korea have increased by 30.8 percent, to China by 30 percent, to Turkey by 27.1 percent, to Hong Kong by 24.8 percent, to Egypt by 21.7 percent, to the U.S. by 15.1 percent. The report reads that measures implemented to prevent losses caused by Russian sanctions have proven to be successful.

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