Freed Ukrainian soldiers described their captivity: "There were only questions and interrogations"

Three Ukrainian soldiers captured last winter near the Donetsk airport were freed from captivity past night. Ukrainian soldiers described how they had been interrogated by terrorists.

The captives, who belong to the 80th and the 81st Brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as to the 25th Battalion "Kyivan Rus," had been kept in the basement of the former SBU office in Donetsk. According to the leader of the operation, Adviser to the Deputy Defense Minister Vasyl Budyk, at the moment, at least over 100 Ukrainian military and civilians are kept in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions at the moment. 200 more are unaccounted for missing in action, Censor.NET reports citing 5 Channel.

The freed fighters say the militants tried to get information from them about American soldiers allegedly fighting in the Donbas.

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"There were only questions and interrogations. Why did you come to my home? But mostly about Americans. When did they give instructions? What do they fire? How many Americans are there? These are the main questions," freed Ukrainian servicemen Yurii Tserelenko and Stanislav Paplynskyi say.

"First they treated us the same as others, then, somehow, we did not pay attention... apparently got used to, or... they treated us differently," the released serviceman Oleksandr Moshonkin said.

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