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 Russia strives to split the countries investigating MH17 flight downing, - Dutch MP on Lavrov’s statement

Dutch lawmaker, D-66 Party Speaker Sjoerd Sjoerdsma commented on the statement of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made during a trip to Malaysia. Lavrov said that the investigation into the Boeing crash "was not independent, comprehensive and truly international one."

Sjoerd Sjoerdsma said in an interview with ad.nl news outlet that in such a manner Russia was trying to destroy the unity of the five countries that suffered from the downing of MH17 flight most and were jointly investigating the tragedy, Censor.NET reports citing Ukrinform.

"Russia was completely alone in the UN Security Council last week. The rest of the countries were asking: why Russia did it? Now Russia is trying to split the unity of the five countries most affected by the crash (Ukraine, the Netherlands, Malaysia, Australia, and Belgium - Ed.). The slogan is - divide and conquer," the Dutch MP said. According to him, the reaction of the Dutch government on this statement should be stern.

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"Russia seems to have decided to play politics. In this case, when it comes to such a large number of victims - it's just disgusting. Speaking of the quality of the investigation, Lavrov would better mind his own country. We are still waiting for the investigation results of the death of cameraman Stan Storimans or attack on the Dutch diplomat a few years ago. Lavrov should be concerned by this," Sjoerdsma said.

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Ukraine, the Netherlands, Australia, Belgium and Malaysia have recently appealed to the UN Security Council to establish the international criminal tribunal to bring to justice those responsible for the crash of the MH17 flight passenger plane in the sky over the Donbas a year ago. However, Russia vetoed the resolution at a meeting of the UN Security Council on July 29. 298 people were killed as a result of the Malaysian Boeing crash July 17, 2014. Most of the victims were Dutch nationals.

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