Russian fake military unit as cover for terrorist republics "DPR" and "LPR"

InformNapalm team's investigations are always supported by plenty of facts and evidence – pictures, videos, social network profile screenshots, maps with coordinates. But this story can be taken as a hypothesis and a starting point for further investigations.

This is stated by the Ukrainian blogger-investigator Anton Pavlushko in his material for InformNapalm.org, Censor.NET reports.

Last week Ukrainian military captured Russian serviceman Vladimir Starkov. He served in the village of Teysin (Khabarovsk Kray, Russia) where the military unit No. 55487 is located (the 6th arsenal of the Main Missile and Artillery Directorate). As revealed from his story, his job was to guard missiles and shells; he also tried to be transferred to another unit but failed.

Then suddenly he was transferred to some unit in Novocherkassk (the Rostov region), which looked like heaven compared to his previous dislocation in the midst of taiga. But then it appears to be some 12th command unit. As a result, he is offered to serve either in the "DPR" or the "LPR."

And then this part became clear, since the OSINT investigators had come across strange transfer of Russian servicemen to Novocherkassk for several times already. What is more interesting, the soldiers are moved without their families. Their wives usually complain in the comments on forums or social network pages. That is another indirect evidence.

Here is a list of military units in the Rostov region (in Russian).

And here is a strange lawsuit by the Krasnodar Military Court of April 23, 2015.

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A short description of the case:

Lieutenant Colonel A. Bekrenev (military unit No. 01228) got promoted to military unit No. 89462. Upon discovering that the unit was in Novocherkassk (not in Krasnodar), he sued the Ministry of Defense and lost the case: "During the trial the demandant stated he was a contract serviceman under the commander of the Southern Military District and assigned to the military unit No. 01228. March 21, 2015, his commander offered him promotion to the unit No. 89462. He accepted the offer being sure he was to serve in the city of Krasnodar. March 26, 2015, he learnt the real location of the unit was in the city of Novocherkassk (the Rostov region)…"

Despite being registered in documents, this military unit exists neither in Krasnodar, nor in Novocherkassk. Usually, a military unit is often referred to by its former employees in various groups and pages in social networks, but here you will hardly find anything except for a little chat in a VK (Russian social network - ed.) group of nachfin.info web site.

The story is more than strange leading to "start of a procedure of demandant's early discharge."

And now guess the military unit in which the captured Russian Major Vladimir Starkov served. Our sources in the military state that during the interrogations Major Starkov named that 'ghost' military unit No. 89462.

As we can see in the outcome, Starkov agreed to serve in this military unit and appeared in the Donbas. Bekrenev refused and got dismissed from service.

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In general, the practice of using fake unit numbers or post indexes is not new in the Soviet or Russian history. Secret or hot spot units used to get a post code "Moscow-400."

The unit No. 89462 seems to be fake and is used to deal with "leave men" from "DPR" and "LPR." There may exist much more of such units.

As reported before, it is near Novocherkassk, where the Kadamovskiy training ground is located. The one, where strange people recruited Maikop contract servicemen to fight in Ukraine (in Russian).

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"The Russian military machine can use any levels of secrecy, but in the end, all the information pieces result in a single picture of the Russian aggression against Ukraine. Wives of lost Russian soldiers are advised to write letters to the military unit No. 89462 - perhaps they will get helped in taking a body home. And wives of still alive soldiers are recommended not to let their husbands to sunny Novocherkassk," - the author resumes.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n346379