Ukrainian scientists managed to create 82-mm Verba mortar within two months. PHOTOS

This can be deemed a success given that the number of new weapons created in Ukraine over the years of its independence is significantly small.

Ukrainian parliamentarian Serhii Pashynskyi wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"And this is despite the fact that due to the Soviet legacy, Ukraine was among top 10 of the world's largest arms exporters, annually receiving an average of $1 billion from the export of weapons. Part of this income was appropriated by the top managers. In fact, we have invested a single penny neither in development of production nor in the creation and support of our defense capabilities," Serhii Pashynskyi wrote.

The MP reminded that Ukraine inherited more than 150 various defense plants, which have either been destroyed or work at 5% to 10% of their potential.

"Although some progress has been made since the beginning of the Russian aggression, it is clearly not enough for modernization of weapons and full-scale rearmament. That's why I initiated creation of new weapons, required by the army, and start of production of existing weapons, of which there is an acute shortage," Pashynskyi added.

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"Ukrainian scientists managed to create an 82-mm Verba (Willow) mortar, which is so badly needed at the front. I hope it will be successfully tested and passed to our troops up-front," he concluded.




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