Detained Russian captain Yerofeyev confirmed other Russian soldiers held captive in Ukraine

"Many Russian citizens are held captives in Ukraine, including military. No consular assistance is being granted to them. Consul Grubiy has never visited any of them. I am not the only one here with Sasha [Alexander Aleksandrov, another detained soldier from Russia - ed.]. We are just the only ones covered by media."

As reported by Censor.NET, this was said by one of the detained Russian special forces operatives, Captain Yevgeniy Yerofeyev in an interview to Novaya Gazeta. "Let the consul come first. He visited us only once, that was it. And I cannot say that there is connection with the consul. I do invite him for at least an informal meeting, but the situation in the pre-detention center and in Ukraine in general is that there are many Russian citizens held under arrest here, including military. But they receive no consular assistance. He [Consul Grubiy - ed.] never visited any of them.

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"I am not the only one here with Sasha. We are just the only ones covered by media. There are more others. The same can be said about Savchenko [Ukrainian pilot and PACE deputy, tried in Russia for falsified killing of Russian reporters - ed.]. She is not the only one like that in Russia. There are many Ukrainian citizens detained, dozens of them. But Savchenko is the only one covered, others are not.

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"Regarding the story of the Major with KamAz [Russian Major detained with KamAZ truck full of ammunition - ed.]. He must have been responsible for the truck and was simply transporting ammunition. <...> I think he just got lost. But those are not humanitarian convoys. I am often asked here whether weapons and ammunition are being transported by humanitarian convoys. No, they are not. There are enough places for invisible crossing of the border. However, it is more controlled now. There are too many smugglers, not only civilians crossing it. Lots of weapons are brought to Russia from there. I am now speaking about illegal export of illegal weapons. Also, people, drugs, and items of value are also exported," the Russian captain said answering journalist's questions.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n346178