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 Neither Russia nor anyone else to stop the implementation of FTA with the EU, Ukraine's PM says

The free trade agreement with the European Union will come into force from January 1, 2016.

"Neither Russia nor anyone else will stop this process. This is our bilateral agreement with the European Union, and we are to make decisions as to the content and form of this agreement," Prime Minister of Ukraine Arsenii Yatseniuk stressed at a meeting of the collegium of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine on Tuesday, June 23, Censor.NET reports citing web-portal of the Ukrainian government.

"It's our right to decide that this agreement will enter into force and be realized in our bilateral relations on January 1, 2016", he stressed.

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According to him, all the Ministries have been ordered to implement the basic provisions of the agreement within the FTA. Arsenii Yatseniuk has noted that some Ministries "do not rush to execute the Government's orders on the implementation of the agreement": "Most of all I am concerned about technical regulations, which are within the competence of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine."

"We are finally to give up the use of "USSR State standard specifications" and switch to the technical regulations, standards and quality of products, which are used in the European Union. This is the only way to capture the new markets," Arsenii Yatseniuk pointed out.

"The European technical regulations mean the marketability of the Ukrainian goods", he added.
Arsenii Yatseniuk urged the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine to speed up the work on the introduction of technical regulations of the European standard.

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The prime minister has emphasized the need to "clearly define the strategy of the state's new economic policy": "We have abandoned the post-Soviet one but we haven't reached the new market-oriented, liberal and efficient one yet."

The activities of the Ministry of Economy, he stressed, should be "a guide as a whole for several decades ahead defining which economy we are building in our country ": "Will it be a raw material and backward economy like Russia's one, or will it be a qualitatively new economy, which is based on the knowledge and fights for new markets struggling in a very competitive global environment and capturing it. I know that you and I personally advocate for the second option - the efficient, fast, powerful, competitive model of Ukrainian economy," the prime minister appealed to the representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development.

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