Russia transferred more than 1,000 units of military equipment to Donbas terrorists over recent months, Stoltenberg says

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Russia has not stopped but increased deliveries of weapons to Donbas terrorist even after signing the Minsk agreements.

This was announced by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in his UNIAN interview, Censor.NET reports.

All NATO allies agree that Russia supports eastern Ukraine mercenaries with personnel, weapons, and training. This has been confirmed by all 28 allies at Antalya meeting in May, Stoltenberg is quoted saying. More than 1,000 units of heavy weapons were supplied by Russia to the terrorists over recent months, NATO chief said. These include tanks, artillery and the latest air defense systems. This is confirmed by NATO intelligence, Stoltenberg said. However, he said, there were also evidence published by media, NGOs, and Russian soldiers themselves proving Russia's support to terrorists. Think tanks have also published relevant reports, Stoltenberg said reminding of Atlantic Council's recent report.

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Stoltenberg calls the situation clear. He reminded how Russia was claiming there had been no its troops in Crimea, and subsequently acknowledged that the annexation had been planned in advance and carried out by Russian troops.

NATO Secretary General says the Alliance keeps an eye on escalation of the hostilities and use of heavy weapons in Donbas. Total compliance with the Minsk agreements is a way to peace, Stoltenberg said. Recent escalation near Marinka was a step backwards on this way. This was the most serious violation of the Minsk agreements since they were signed in February. Russia is responsible for prevention of assaults and compliance with cease-fire, Stoltenberg said.

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Secretary General called upon Russia to stop deliberate destabilization in the east of Ukraine, to stop supporting the terrorists, to withdraw its troops and military equipment from Ukraine and along its borders, Stoltenberg summed up.

The full text of the interview can be read here.

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