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 Sixth wave of military draft starts today

минобороны армия реформа власть сокращение

The final sixth wave of partial military draft starts today, June 18, in Ukraine.

As reported by Censor.NET citing ZN.UA, it will last for 60 days, as stipulated by the law 113-VIII "On partial mobilization."

The General Staff of the Ukrainian army announced that there will be no differences from the previous wave. As of now, there is no information on how many people will be drafted. Military prosecutor Anatolii Matios said it would be 50,000 persons.

Under the above mentioned law, military draft in 2015 is conducted in three waves of 210 days in total. The fourth wave of the draft, 90 days long, was announced on Jan. 20; the fifth lasted for 60 days and started in April, and the sixth stage has been planned for June and will last for 60 days as well.

Drafted officers will be directed to military colleges for relevant training. Qualified soldiers and sergeants will be dislocated in training centers. Other military personnel will be trained in training centers and at military fields. None of the drafted will be assigned military tasks without required training.

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Females also might be drafted withing this partial mobilization. There are differences between female and male drafting: maximum age for inactivity for women is 50 years, while for men it's 60 years.

Obligated reservists aged 20 to 60 who have done their military service might be drafted under this mobilization if aged under 50. Those aged 50 to 60 need to give their consent for service.

Citizens of Ukraine under 25 years of age who have not done military service before might only be enlisted under contract.

Under any conditions those called to compulsory military service will not be involved in the anti-terrorist operation in the east of Ukraine.

Besides, clergy persons are not subject to mobilization. On April 7, a law was passed by the Verkhovna Rada, which strikes students of all degrees off duties.

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