We do not know Putin's actual further plans, - U.S. Ambassador to the UN Power

Power explained the U.S. stance on Minsk agreements.

U.S. Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power admitted that the Minsk agreements had not changed the behavior of pro-Russian fighters, who "shamelessly" violate them. Answering a question whether she sees any perspectives of fulfilling the Minsk agreements, she explained why the U.S. was still supporting that format, Censor.NET reports with reference to ZN.UA.

The U.S. Ambassador said that, just like Ukrainian authorities, they were seeking for diplomatic solutions from the very beginning of the conflict. Because they all understand that there could be no military solution. They know also what that war brought to Ukrainian people.

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At the same time she pointed out the facts of violation of the Minsk agreements.

Debaltseve, which was outside separatists' control according to the Minsk agreements, had been seized by them later, Power said. She named it a cynical approach to the agreements reached in February. She also described as shameless the violation of the first frame agreement signed in September. But, to her mind, the agreement was supported by the U.S. because at the end it foresees decentralization that Poroshenko and the Rada wanted to carry out and because that would return Ukraine control at its borders which was also important. Besides, Power said, the agreement would prevent death of people.

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Samantha Power emphasized that the aim of the U.S. was to put an end to Russian aggression against Ukraine. Putin's actions against Ukraine disturb the Ukrainians and bring trouble to them. At the same time she pointed out that the U.S. do not know the plans of Putin and the questions on that matter should be addressed to the Russian Federation.

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