North Crimean Canal is destroyed. North of peninsula may turn into desert. PHOTO + VIDEO

Crimea is still economically dependent on Ukraine. After the annexation of the peninsula by Russia and stop of water supplies via the North Crimean canal, northern part of the peninsula is experiencing serious water shortages.

One of the canal constructors Georgii Kapshuk said in an interview to Krymskyi Telegraph newspaper, Censor.NET reports with reference to Chetvertaia Vlast. He pointed out that if the problem with water supply via North Crimean canal is not resolved in the coming year, the unique water artery will be destroyed and lost forever. Moreover, the population of the area will have to leave.

крым вода канал

"Everyone reiterates that artesian wells will save Crimea from lack of water. In our time we plugged the wells from Perekop to Kerch when we received the water from the Dnipro river. And there were wells to which we pumped Dnipro water to fill them. But now it is impossible to drink the water from the canal. It is too salty. If we pump the water from the wells all the time what happens next? A disaster. What can you do in Crimea without water? I have only one solution. If the problem with the North Crimean canal is not solved in political, diplomatic way, making compromises, it will die, and everything that existed in the north, the north-south, the north-west, the north-east of the Crimea, all the infrastructure will die, too. The people will go away from there, the villages will die," Kapshuk said.

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According to him, the canal structure is now destroyed because it remains being without water and is exposed to heat and sun.

"Everything is abandoned there now. If the canal is not used for another year - good-bye the North Crimean canal! I often go there. I am not sentimental, but I have tears in my eyes when I see what is left there!This steel concrete is like a living organism. In summer, when the ground is heated up to 60 degrees and there is no water, it scorches. 11,000 kilometers of channels - inter-farm, irrigation, pipelines. Distance from here to Alaska. It cannot remain without water in summer," Kapshuk said.

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