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 21 Ukrainians awarded title of National Hero of Ukraine, including well-known fighters, doctors, and volunteers. PHOTOS

First Orders of the National Hero of Ukraine were awarded to 21 great Ukrainians (14 military and seven civilians) yesterday, including soldiers, medics, volunteers and a chaplain.

Not all deeds of Ukrainian heroes have been awarded by the state, so volunteers decided to establish their own National Order to distinguish outstanding people, Censor.NET reports.

The heroes were chosen by the whole country, and silver for the production was collected in 16 countries. Famous Ukrainian boxer Viacheslav Uzelkov donated his Olympic silver medal to the Order.

The first award (posthumously) went to defender of the Donetsk airport, 39-year-old machine gunner of the 90th assault battalion Ihor Branovytskyi, who was publicly executed by Russian terrorist Motorola on Jan. 21. Volunteer Heorhii Tuka presented the Order to the mother of the deceased soldier.

орден герой украины народный

Mother of the deceased Ihor Branovytskyi receives the award of her son

The award of Dmytro Yarosh, leader of the Right Sector who is currently at the frontline, was received by chief medical officer of the Right Sector Volunteer Corpse Yana Zinkevych, who was also awarded the Order of the National Hero of Ukraine. This fragile girl with immense moral courage saved lives of dozens Ukrainian soldiers at the front.

The title of National Hero of Ukraine was posthumously awarded to such legendary figures as commander of the Temur volunteer battalion - Temur Yuldashev; commander of the Dzhokhar Dudayev international peacekeeping battalion, Chechen national Isa Munaev; Captain of the 3rd Special Forces Regiment of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Yurii Butusov, who was killed with a grenade in his hand, covering evacuation of the wounded brothers-in-arms; great patriot of Ukraine, founder and commander of the Kyiv Rus battalion Oleksandr Humeniuk; 28-year-old Captain Maksym Presniakov, the commander of a reconnaissance company of the 93rd mechanized brigade, who died heroically covering a comrade; a talented young doctor Vladyslav Trepko, who saved numerous lives at the front, but was killed by a militants' shell; Segodnya newspaper photographer Serhii Nikolaiev, who accompanies Ukrainian soldiers in the hottest spots of Eastern Ukraine.

орден герой украины народный

The wife and daughter of the deceased National Hero of Ukraine Temur Yuldashev


Mother of the deceased captain of the 3rd Special Forces Regiment Yurii Butusov and Censor.NET editor-in-chief Yurii Butusov (photo by Yaroslav Karpets)

Tragically, these brave men were unable to receive their awards in person, but a mother of one of the dead soldiers said "they are all alive as long as we remember them."

орден герой украины народный

Soldier of the 95th Brigade Serhii Babskyi and volunteer Heorhii Tuka

орден герой украины народный

The orders were also awarded to volunteers and doctors - people who risk their lives feeding, clothing, and equipping our soldiers in the area of combat operations, and one chaplain - Andrii Zelinskyi of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

Awards were also given to two organizations - Right Sector Volunteer Corpse and Activist association from the city of Volodymyr-Volynskyi.

The history of each person is unique, but they all have one thing in common - dedication and love for Ukraine. Glory to our heroes!

"This is only the first awarding ceremony and they will take place again - in Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Poltava, Lviv, at the front line. It is simply physically impossible to award a large number of people simultaneously, and we indeed have a lot of heroes," project initiator, journalist Andrii Boiechko stated.

орден герой украины народный

Order of the National Hero of Ukraine

Full list of recipients:


1.Іhor Branovytskyi (posthumously) - soldier of the 90th air mobile battalion (the award received by mother Nina Branovytska).
2. Dmytro Yarosh.- Leader of the Right Sector.
3. Temur Yuldashev (posthumously) - Temur battalion commander (the award received by wife Viola Yuldasheva).
4.Mykola Nadvorskyi - Soldier of the 79th air mobile brigade.
5. Maksym Presniakov (posthumously) - Major, commander of the reconnaissance company of the 93th mechanized brigade (the award received by father Serhii Presniakov).
6. Serhii Babskyi - Senior Lieutenant, platoon commander of the 95th air mobile brigade.
7. Oleksandr Humeniuk (posthumously) - Commander of the 11th Battalion Kyiv Rus (the award received by wife Yelena).
8. Isa Munayev (posthumously) - Dzhokhar Dudayev international peacekeeping battalion commander (the award received by son Tymerhan.).
9. Yevhen Mezhevikin, call sign Adam - Commander of the 1st tank battalion, 1st Panzer Brigade.
10. Viacheslav Kubrak - Sergeant of the 95th air mobile brigade.
11. Volodymyr Kyian - Deputy battalion commander of the 80th airmobile assault brigade.
12. Yurii Butusov (posthumously) - Captain, commander of the 3rd special forces regiment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (the award received by mother Nadiia).
13. Ihor Zinych (posthumously) - medic of the 80th separate airmobile assault brigade (the award received by brother Petro).
14. Right Corpse Ukrainian Volunteer Corps.

Volunteers, doctors, chaplain, journalist:

1. Yurii Bondar (call sign Shaman) - Doctor, volunteer of Hottabych charity fund
2. Serhii Nikolaiev (posthumously) - photojournalist of Segodnya newspaper (the award received by sister Iryna).
3. Volodymyr Stebliuk - Doctor of Mirotvorets (Peacemaker) battalion.
4. Vladyslav Trepko (posthumously) - Intern doctor (the award received by mother Nina).
5. Yana Zinkevych - Head medic of Right Sector Ukrainian Volunteer Corps.
6. Andrii Zelinskyi - Chaplain.
7. Ivan Zviahin - Volunteer.
8. Volyn Activivsts Association.

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