22 Ukrainians will be awarded Order of ‘National Hero of Ukraine’. PHOTO

National Hero of Ukraine awards will take place in St. Sophia cathedral at 12 a.m. June 4. 22 Heroes and two organizations will be awarded.

This is stated by journalist Andrii Boiechko on his page on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

Boiechko also posted a photo of the Order. According to the journalist, the public reaction to the award varies from gratitude to sharp criticism.

орден герой украины народный

"Over the past two days I received more than 500 letters from all over Ukraine from soldiers, volunteers, doctors, relatives of the dead and wounded, ordinary people, children, teachers ... Some are thankful, some criticize and slander [the idea], they say we have no right to it," he wrote.

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"The Order can be received by any person who is fighting for preservation of the Ukrainian state. In any post about the Order you can leave a comment about the person you consider a hero, stating his name and actions that deserve an award," Boiechko wrote.

The decision is made by the Awarding Commission. As to who authorized these awards, Boiechko said: "The people fed their army, clothed it and provided everything necessary for military actions. When we were doing it, no one asked whether we had right to do so. Thus, if we have the right to feed and clothe the Ukrainian army then we are entitled to award it."

The journalist stressed that the Order was established to honor heroic deeds of fighters and volunteers which were overlooked by the country's leaders. The award package includes the Order itself (made of silver), National Bank coin 'Revolution of Dignity', Hlobus bank card with 1,000 hryvnia in the account and an invitation for a 2-week holiday in Transcarpathia (with children).

In addition, 'National Heroes of Ukraine book will be made by September and sent to schools, universities and libraries. "We plan for these people to hold a first lesson for students on Sept. 1, 2015," Boiechko said.

The awarding ceremony will be held June 4 at 12.00 in St. Sophia cathedral in Kyiv. 22 Heroes and two organizations (one combat unit and one volunteer organization) will be awarded.

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"I should mention those people who asked to award "their" Order to another person, because they consider them worthier ... This is Ilia Lysenko (Hottabych), one of the most famous medical volunteers. He asked to award his brother-in-arms Yurii Bondar (call-sign Shaman), who made more than 800 trips to the front line to pick up wounded!!! This is Yurii Butusov, well-known journalist and military expert, who proposed to reward his namesake, one of the best commanders of special forces groups, who died heroically during a combat mission ... This is Pavlo Ivanovych Medved, commander of the 2nd Battalion of the 95th Airborne Brigade. He proposed to reward master sergeant Viacheslav Kubrak of the 4th company, who saved his comrades in the thick of the war numerous times, was burned in an APC, took responsibility for the company and carried out combat missions," Boiechko concluded.

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