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 Loan of $21,000 prompted Kharkiv region resident to take hostages - Herashchenko

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Deputy Anton Herashchenko explained what prompted the man, who fired at officers of the court and then took hostages in the Kharkiv region, to act this way.

Herashchenko wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

He wrote: "The citizen, who seized three hostages and had previously shot two people dead during an attempt to distrain his property and forjudge him, has just been shot by a sniper. I personally spoke with his daughter by phone twice asking her to persuade her father to surrender. She told me that she did but he just refused to talk to her. According to persons in charge of the operation, there was no other way to avoid casualties among the hostages. The man was on the verge of mental collapse (according to the negotiators) and his further actions could lead to death of the hostages. All three hostages - one woman and two men, the employees of the OKKO gas station, were unhurt. They will receive psychological aid after having got through it.

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"These events result from a story which began in 2011, when the family took a $21,000 loan from a private person under an onerous interest rate, fines and penalties. According to the court's decision, the interest on the loan was paid until April 2013, and then, apparently, the income no longer allowed doing it.

"On Feb. 19, 2015, the district court in Liubotyn city resolved to recover the debt, fines, and penalties in the amount of more than 800,000 hryvnia (about $38,000) while the plaintiff wanted to collect more than 11 million hryvnia (about $524,000) in fines, according to the text of the court's decision," Herashchenko wrote.

The MP also wrote: "It is clear that the mortgage and loan agreement was enslaving and was drawn up solely for the benefit of the lender, while the cost of the house was much greater than the amount owed. The price of the loan is three dead people and one crippled life as well as dozens of heartbroken relatives of the victims."

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