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 Nemtsov report: "70 Russian servicemen killed near Debaltseve"

армия российская

According to data by Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, who was killed in Moscow on the night of February 28, 70 Russian soldiers were killed during the winter battles for Debaltseve.

This is stated in the Nemtsov's published report "Putin. War", which he was compiling before his death, Censor.NET reports citing RBC-Ukraine.

Thus, in early February, representatives of relatives of the soldiers who died in the Donbas, in particular from Ivanovo, appealed to Nemtsov. The report states that relatives of the dead soldiers sought help to obtain compensatory payments from the Russian Defense Ministry. They also talked about the mass deaths of Russian soldiers during the summer counteroffensive of the militants at Ilovaisk and during the winter battles for Debaltseve.

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According to Nemtsov, about 70 servicemen from Russia died near Debaltseve, and at least 17 of them were paratroopers from Ivanovo. By that time Russian soldiers officially quit the Russian armed forces at the request of management before being sent to the Donbas.

The report also refers to the fact that at least 150 Russian soldiers were killed in August 2014, according to sources' estimates. Then the Ukrainian army went on an offensive, but was stopped by Russian troops at Ilovaisk. Relatives of the dead soldiers, according to the report, received 2 million rubles each and signed a non-disclosure agreement regarding the circumstances of death.

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The relatives were afraid to speak in public because of the non-disclosure agreement. Nemtsov's sources claim that relatives of the victims were threatened with criminal prosecution, and as an example cited the case against the mother of seven children Svetlana Davydova who was charged with treason in favor of Ukraine.

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