MP Naiem: "I am preparing an inquiry to Klychko and Poroshenko regarding signed 'confidential obligations' to Firtash"


According to Dmytro Firtash, after the fleeing of Viktor Yanukovych he had a meeting with Vitalii Klychko and Petro Poroshenko, during which they signed some "confidential obligations."

This is stated by Poroshenko Bloc MP Mustafa Naiem on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

"During the trial in Austria Firtash said that after the fleeing of Viktor Yanukovych he had a meeting with Vitalii Klychko and Petro Poroshenko. According to the fugitive oligarch, he signed some "confidential obligations" during this meeting.

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"One of two things: either Firtash is lying to politicize his case and draw third parties into the criminal process; or such document actually exists.

"If Firtash is lying, he will be convicted of false testimony.

"If these obligations exist, they details must be known by at least two other parties: Vitalii Klychko and Petro Poroshenko. Theoretically and technically, there is no criminal offense in the fact of the existence of such an agreement - at that time, all three were ordinary citizens. But, given the social and political status of Petro Poroshenko and Vitalii Klychko at the moment, the details of such an agreement cannot be kept confidential and shall be made public in order to eliminate possibility of any obligations of the mayor and the president before the oligarch, contrary to their oath and interests of citizens.

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"I am preparing a corresponding inquiry addressed to Vitalii Klychko and tomorrow I will register a similar inquiry on behalf of the Verkhovna Rada to the head of state," the lawmaker wrote.

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